How to lodge a complaint

Are you considering to lodge a complaint and do you work or study at one of the affiliated arts universities? The first step is to contact the confidential counsellor for scientific integrity at your own university. See the procedure for the ‘pathway for processing a complaint’: Voortraject behandeling van klacht door CWI-KUO (in Dutch).

On the grounds of the NGWI (paragraph 5.4), CWI-KUO has established the following principles for the processing of complaints:

  • A complaint may only be submitted about a suspected case of research misconduct (see the code of conduct for an explanation of this). 
  • The complaint or request must adequately substantiate why the complainant or petitioner believes that research misconduct has been committed.
  • Complaints related to methodological discussions and standard academic debates are inadmissible.
  • An anonymous complaint of alleged research misconduct will be considered only if the executive board of the institution sees good reason to do so.

Within three weeks of receipt of a complaint, the committee will decide whether it can handle the complaint on the basis of the following requirements:

  • the complaint is dated and states the name, position and contact details of the complainant, 
  • the code of conduct (NGWI) paragraph 1.3 is applicable to the defendant,
  • the complaint contains a clear description of the suspected violation of academic integrity,
  • any written documents or other pieces of evidence relating to the complaint are enclosed.